Customer testimonials

We have had some very nice testimonials over past few weeks and we want to share them with you!

“Got the package today, thank you! All together it forms a really nice birthday present. The turban itself is of course fabulous! I’m already trying to get the feel of it, cause I am not a hat person.

And it feels good to wear our local design!”

Kaisa, Estonia

“Thank you for the hat and extra gift! It was a lovely surprise :)!”

Anneli, Estonia


Custom made

Who wouldn’t want to wear something unique, one of a kind or exclusive?

I think that everybody does!

Did you know that in House Of Knits you can do that?

Yes, you can design your own knitwear. We will give you the basics and you’ll pick everything else. There are different patterns, garment length and buttons to choose from.

By that you can be sure that it is a quite slim chance to see somebody wearing the exact same thing.

Go to our web-shop and design your own skirt or cardigan right now!

NB! You have a last chance to do it for free by participating in a Facebook game!

Have a creative weekend,




It has been a long time. Too long.

After all these festive celebrations and New Years Eve it is nice to treat yourself with our exclusive knitwear. For that we have made special sale prizes and more to come until the end of January. Come and check them out!

Also on Facebook you have a chance to win an exclusive prize.

So don’t wait no more!

Make the beginning of 2015 a special one!

The Yarn


As I already mentioned before, we are using only the best and the very best yarns one can find in Europe and Japan. One of these companies from whom we purchase yarns is Eisaku Noro Ltd. The company which was founded more than 30 years ago by Eisaku Noro, who established its own production technologies ranging from materials to products, as well as its own sales network and practices. 

 Noro insists on using, with only a few exceptions, natural fibers of the highest quality which meet certain ecological requirements as well.

 By combining natural yarns, such as wool, silk, mohair, kid-mohair etc. into interesting patterns and techniques, we create exquisite and unique knitwear. Once you have worn and felt these knits, you may never want to take them off, because it seems, as you would become one of it!


House Of Knits

Our Story


During the cold and dark nights of the North, knitting has always been a way of life. For centuries, grandmothers have been passing on all the techniques and wisdom to their daughters, who have passed them further to their daughters. House of Knits combines that knowledge with the best yarns from Europe and Japan, and adds a drop of innovative approach to create exclusive knitwear.

We cherish Scandinavian minimalism, natural materials, clean and clear color combinations. We work with pride for the knitwear we produce. As we have put our love and respect into our knits, the client makes its future, adding her own style and making it her exclusive knit for life.

Our simple and clean styles are wearable by daughter, mother and grandmother.

Furthermore, we let our customers be their own designers by changing buttons, materials or welt of the garments. By doing that, you’ll make your own unique knit that nobody else has!


House of Knits